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Review of Apprenticeships

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This week saw the publication of the Richard Review of Apprenticeships, led by entrepreneur and founder of School for Startups Doug Richard.

The Review was commissioned to look at how we can ensure apprenticeships meet the needs of the changing economy, deliver high quality training and the qualifications and skills that employers need and maximise the impact of government investment.

The key themes and recommendations from the Review included:

  • Redefining Apprenticeships – targeting them only at those who are new to a job or role that requires sustained and substantial training.
  • Focusing on the outcome of an Apprenticeship – looking at what the apprentice can do when they complete their training and freeing up the process by which they get there.
  • Recognised industry standards forming the basis of every apprenticeship – with employers and other organisations with relevant industry expertise invited to design and develop new apprenticeship qualifications for their sectors.
  • Importance of numeracy and literacy skills – all apprentices should reach a good level of English and maths before they complete their apprenticeship.
  • Government funding creating the right incentives for apprenticeship training – routing funding through the employer through the national insurance of tax system, giving employers greater purchasing power.

EEF welcomed the publication of the report, which quite rightly recommended that any future Apprenticeship strategy should be based on three key elements – raising our level of ambition, giving employers the power to set standards and creating a dynamic market in apprenticeship training. We will be urging government to take forward the report’s recommendations, and will continue to update members as this progresses.

For further information on the Review please contact Verity O’Keefe, Skills and Employment Policy Advisor at or call 020 7654 1572. Click here to see the Review.


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