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Read below for the steps to take regarding Tariffs, Rules of Origin, and Customs.


Step 1:
Establish your imports and/or exports from the EU. Our Brexit Trade Tool can help you do this
Step 2:
Identify the international HS tariff codes your goods are classified under.  

Rules of Origin:

Step 1:
Assess the percentage of your component parts/inputs of the product you manufacture – what came from EU or the rest of the world. Read more about this on Page 2 of our Rules of Origin report
Step 2:
Look at whether the manufacturing process ‘substantially transforms’ the inputs you are using into a completely new product. There is more information about this on Page 3 of our Rules of Origin report
Step 3:
Compare HS tariff codes assigned to the component parts and the final product. The World Trade Organisation tariff database has more detail. 
Step 4:
Assess the percentage of value added that occurs in your manufacturing process. Our Rules of Origin report has further information about this. 


Step 1:
Become familiar with import and export declaration. You can find more information on Page 3 of our 'Life after Brexit' report.  
Step 2:
Consider if your goods will be subject to physical customs inspections at the border. Page 5 of our 'Life after Brexit' report has more detail about this.   
Step 3:
Identify certificate of origin requirements for your goods. More detail about this can be found on Page 2 of our 'Life after Brexit' report. 

Step 4:

Consider whether you are likely to face time delays at ports or border crossings. Page 3 of our 'UK Trade with the EU' report has more information.  
Step 5:
Raise your awareness of Authorised Economic Operator Status and assess whether it’s right for your company. Read Page 6 of our 'Life after Brexit' report for more.  

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