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Carbon and energy compliance

What is the new energy and carbon legislation? How can manufacturers avoid fines and prosecution for energy and carbon issues? How does a legal advisor help strengthen company energy policy?

What we can do

EEF helps manufacturers ensure compliance with today’s legislation and with a review of carbon and energy legislation expected in 2018, we’ll ensure you are prepared for any changes to come. Carbon and energy legislation is complex, with some overlapping and complying with one piece of legislation may mean you don’t need to demonstrate compliance with another.

Our services help you navigate this complex framework to ensure you’re compliant with those that do affect you and that you aren’t wasting time and resources preparing for legislation that you don’t need to.

Our bespoke consultancy service is offered as a fixed price project or on a day rate basis.

Our services include compliance policy advice, measurement and reporting services for all applicable carbon and energy schemes and agreements:

European Emissions Trading Scheme - Assistance with permitting, monitoring, verifying and reporting emissions by site

Carbon Reduction Commitment Energy Efficiency Scheme – Assistance with registering, monitoring energy usage, converting usage to CO2 emissions and purchasing allowances to cover emissions for this scheme which particularly applies to large, multi-site organisations

Climate Change Agreements – Investigation to determine if your organisation/sector has committed to reducing CO2 emissions, and assistance in monitoring, tracking and reporting on progress every two years

Mandatory Greenhouse Gas Reporting Requirements – Assistance with measuring and reporting emissions from all global site activities in comparison to the previous year’s emissions

Energy Savings Opportunities Scheme – Provision of a half-day session to plan, prioritise and initiate projects to address the risks and opportunities of ESOS


Key benefits

Our specialist advisors and carefully selected associates have demonstrable experience in managing regulatory compliance with the plethora of carbon and energy regulatory schemes. Our consultants are based at offices around the country enabling us to provide local or nationwide support as required.

EEF advisors have substantial experience in the practical application of environmental law in most industrial, manufacturing and commercial sectors. This enables us accurately to recognise the key legal requirements in organisations and the ability to propose bespoke solutions effectively to manage compliance. We also help companies achieve various certifications and standards, including ISO14001 and ISO50001.

Also, our policy team is on the forefront of what’s coming in government policies and regulations, so our clients are able to plan ahead.

“EEF always has very knowledgeable, professional, hard-working and approachable staff. The support they provided during the ESOS data compilation exercise was fantastic. I would definitely recommend their services to other organisations.”Darren Amos, Environmental  Services Manager, Sulzer Pumps

Tools, case studies, blogs


Events, training, webinars

  • Stay up to date on the latest legislation with our regular HSCE briefings
  • This 15-day IEMA diploma in sustainable business practice addresses a wide range of environmental and sustainability issues, including technological options for control, effective strategies and change management.
  • The five-day NEBOSH certificate in environmental management helps environmental managers oversee the myriad of initiatives they oversee in the workplace.
  • We offer a variety of HSCE events and training courses for everyone from environmental managers to executives.
  • Those with an interest in implementing sustainability at their organisation should understand the risks – hear more in this free webinar.
  • How can ISO14001:2015 lead to important benefits, such as energy efficiency? Watch this webinar.


  • Unsurpassed insight into the UK manufacturing industry
  • A team of over 80 lawyers and legal experts who regularly advise companies of all sizes on legislation and the best policies for compliance
  • Regular training and briefings on environmental legislation and case law
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