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Energy and carbon strategy

How can manufacturers reduce energy use across multiple sites? When is the right time to lock into electricity and gas prices? What is the right fuel mix for energy cost savings? What is the cost/benefit analysis for an energy audit?

What we can do

Manufacturing is, unsurprisingly, one of the UK’s most energy intensive sectors. As such, one of the best opportunities for decreasing costs and improving profits in this industry is to

  • Reduce the amount of energy used

  • Pay less for energy

  • Avoid unnecessary or inapplicable emission carbon and energy use taxes

Energy efficiency strategy

EEF’s energy efficiency experts are well versed in the unique challenges and opportunities for energy use reduction at UK manufacturers. Our experts visit sites across the UK to identify energy use and carbon emissions, and provide recommendations for improvements in process, technology and infrastructure. Unlike traditional energy audits which provide a list of efficiency upgrades, EEF’s industry-specific understanding allows our experts to deliver accurate cost/benefit analysis, steps and prioritisation to make each opportunity a reality, and the business opportunity clearly laid out to senior management based on current market conditions.

Our team is skilled in energy mapping and technical, conceptual and performance specifications alongside intensive energy reduction programmes as well as possibilities for on-site energy generation (e.g. solar).

Reduce energy costs

When it comes to paying less for energy, the key is to have an understanding of upcoming energy policy and economics as well as access to better rates. EEF offers both these expertise through its team of economists and policy experts as well as its energy provider partners, such as ENER-G, who provide preferred rates to EEF members. Thus, EEF can provide advice on the right fuel mix, when to lock into a price for energy and the right provider to offset the rising cost of energy.

Additionally, EEF provides invoice validation and cost recovery services, to validate billing accuracy and resolve disputes with energy providers.

The advice and guidance we provide comes from a team who understands the challenges of manufacturing, such as volume volatility and on-site generation mix.

Minimise energy use and emissions taxes

Energy use and carbon emission taxes are increasingly costly and complex. EEF’s legal compliance experts can review the taxes a manufacturer currently pays and identifies opportunities for reducing rates.

“We wanted a long-term partner for this. Obviously cost was part of the equation, however we were keen to look for a leading player in the field - a quality organisation that would provide a quality service. We have been working with the EEF on various health, safety and environmental aspects and had tremendous respect for their expertise, knowledge and professional approach” Darren Amos, Environmental Services Manager, Sulzer Pumps

Key benefits

  • Comprehensive approach to identifying energy use, reduction opportunities, priorities aligned with business and industry realities and cost/benefit analysis and business case based on firm understanding of the company’s data and goals

  • Many no- and low-cost changes, such as eliminating duplicate tax payments or turning off phantom power loads

  • Objective, third-party analysis with no alternative agenda or predetermined solutions

  • Practical strategy that lays out timelines, costs and next steps to ensure it’s not just a report that ‘sits on the shelf’

  • A decrease in energy use and cost is directly connected to improved productivity


Tools, case studies, blogs


Events, training, webinars

Those with an interest in implementing sustainability at their organisation should understand the risks – hear more in this free webinar.


EEF’s understanding of manufacturing businesses comes from years of providing energy services to dozens of manufacturers of all sizes across the UK.

We surveyed nearly 200 UK manufacturing executives on their challenges with energy use and its connection to productivity so we have an unparalleled understanding of this key business issue. EEF also offers exclusive access for manufacturers to proprietary tools that help companies reduce energy efficiency.

Our legal team also provides support for manufacturers looking to apply for energy reduction incentives and grants

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