ISO50001 implementation

What does it take to achieve ISO50001 certification? How can I prepare for an ISO50001 audit and certification walk through? What are the benefits of ISO50001 for UK manufacturers? How can an energy efficiency consultant help a company achieve ISO50001 certification?

What we can do

Demonstrating energy efficiency isn’t just part of reputational and stakeholder management, but an integral part of business productivity and cost reduction. ISO50001 is the accepted global standard for effectively proving long-term energy management and achieving your company efficiency goals.

EEF guides organisations from getting started with ISO50001 to implementing the best strategies for your business to achieving certification to maintaining your standing. Our team of energy and EMS experts help you

  • Calculate baseline energy use and energy efficiency strategies

  • Match planned initiatives to goals and business case

  • Implement energy savings projects

  • Create effective and compliant energy use policies

  • Measure and continuously improve energy efficiency

  • Apply strategies across multiple sites

Since we work with ISO9001, 18001 (soon to be replaced by 45001) and 14001 as well, we are able to combine all three standards into one EMS strategy and set of policies to minimise work and maximise shared benefits.


Key benefits

  • Proactively uncover and mitigate environmental and energy supply risks

  • Measure energy uses to discover waste and reduce energy costs

  • Minimize carbon emissions and associated taxes

  • Improve tender performance (particularly with companies looking to demonstrate environmental performance of their supply chain)

  • Provides a more strategic approach to energy policies, instead of isolated strategies across multiple sites

  • Helps ensure and demonstrate compliance with energy legislation


Events, training, webinars



  • Deliver support for ISO9001, 18001, 14001 and 50001 so synergies can be applied across the systems and minimise internal workload associated with achieving all certifications

  • A comprehensive understanding of manufacturing’s goals, challenges and industry

  • In-house team of experts across HR, legal, policy, productivity and environment

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Ensure everyone from line managers to internal auditors has the skills to succeed.

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business-support Take a look at our health, safety and environmental guidance packages

Through our support packages, we can provide you with an adviser to support your in-house team, and validate your health and safety planning and decision-making

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