Managed metering services

How can building metering help companies save on energy bills? What loads and equipment should manufacturing sites meter and sub-meter? How can an energy metering consultant help?

What we can do

Many manufacturers have unnecessarily high energy use due to a lack of understanding of how and when they use energy. EEF works with organisations at single or multiple sites implement an effective metering system to capture quick and longer term fixes to high energy costs. From improperly managed heating systems to machinery switched on when it isn’t in use, we find the root of the problem and correct it. We’ve found that companies can save significant amounts on their energy bills simply by better understanding where and why waste occurs.

This data forms the basis for a sound, evidence-driven energy efficiency strategy, which EEF can advise on and implement.


Key benefits

  • Quick return on investment through practical and short-term fixes to energy waste

  • Increasingly important with rising energy costs and taxes

  • Better data is essential to justifiable energy efficiency implementation

  • Provides important benchmarks and data for achieving EMS certification (e.g. ISO50001)


Events, training, webinars

  • The one-day IEMA environmental awareness training course helps empower green champions and environmental managers.

  • The five-day NEBOSH certificate in environmental management helps environmental managers oversee the myriad of initiatives they oversee in the workplace.

  • We offer a variety of HSCE events and training courses for everyone from environmental managers to executives.

  • Those with an interest in implementing sustainability at their organisation should understand the risks – hear more in this free webinar.

  • How can ISO14001:2015 lead to important benefits, such as energy efficiency? Watch this webinar to find out.



  • EEF combines its unmatched understanding of the manufacturing industry with a strong proficiency in energy issues.

  • Partnerships with metering providers to ensure a cost-effective and tested solution

  • Offices and experts across the UK to ensure local support and knowledge

  • Full range of energy services for a comprehensive solution for planning and implementing energy savings programme


CSR Corporate responsibility services

We help you develop a long-term strategy to build resilience and protect the long-term reputation of your organisation.

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training ISO 14001 EMS training systems

This two-day training programme will equip delegates with the knowledge and skills necessary to audit the environmental management system.

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