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Achieve or transition to ISO14001:2015 EMS consulting

How can a business transition or achieve ISO14001:2015, the most recognised environmental management system? What do the new ISO14001 requirements and environmental legislation mean? How can senior management make meaningful changes to environmental sustainability policies and strategies that improve the bottom line?

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What we can do

Our team of environmental consultants, advisers and trainers can help you achieve or transition to ISO14001:2015. Our services support you through each stage of the development and implementation of your EMS and are customised based on the needs of your business. If you want to know more about any of these services, get in touch.

Assessment and scoping of implications to your business

  • Gap Analysis

Interested in how you stack up against the new ISO14001:2015 requirements? Our experts visit your site to conduct an initial gap analysis, complete with interviews and review of existing documentation for compliance and environmental best practices. The analysis includes a list of recommendations for how to move forward with initial achievement or transition to the 2015 standard. 

  • Regional Hubs training and peer support

The ISO14001:2015 Regional Hubs training programme is a series of four one-day courses over one year at locations across the UK. Aimed at QHS and environmental managers, these inter#active courses encourage attendees to share what’s worked and what they need help with at their workplaces.  


Getting leadership engagement and support from across the business

  • IEMA Leading with Sustainability course

Define your business case for environmental sustainability and determine whether your organisation’s current strategy will meet those goals through our half-day course.

  • Management Workshop for multi-site organisations

Get your senior leadership team and managers across your organisation on board with sustainability and ISO14001:2015. These workshops activate cross-functional and multi-site support for EMS through an evaluation of the business case for changes and develop a medium- and long-term implementation plan.


Planning & Implementation

  • Strategic Review

Our experts conduct a strategic review of your company’s current performance against ISO14001:2015 to produce a top-down plan for leading the company forward with timelines and budgets. Senior management will have a better understanding of the changes to 14001 in the 2015 standards, your organisation’s individual business case and their role in taking strategic actions. The review will include a plan for integrating the EMS into everyday processes at your business.

  • Compliance documentation

Our experts can review, amend or create all documentation and the legal register necessary for achieving or transitioning to ISO14001:2015.  

  • Bespoke on-site training

Our team of experienced trainers deliver customised training programs for managers and employees at any level or function to ensure continuous environmental improvement.

"The interest and enthusiasm generated amongst the senior team through this course has created such momentum that we are becoming unstoppable. I believe sustainability will become the backbone of our business." - Dominik Pinnington, Environmental Sustainability Advisor

Key benefits

  • Doesn’t just ‘tick the boxes’, but help EMS work harder to cut costs, manage risk and stay ahead of competition

  • A top-down approach that creates a sense of leadership and a strategy that works across sites and the entire organisation

  • EEF corporate environmental consultants were one of the  first to know details of new ISO14001 requirements as members of ISO Technical Committee

  • Provides customised support for single or multi-site organisations


Tools, case studies, blogs


Events, training, webinars

  • The knowledge and tools for your transition are delivered through our Regional Hubs (four staggered one-day sessions over a 12 month period) for a phased transition with ongoing practical support and guidance accessible through EEF’s experts and peer support from the other members of the hub.

  • The IEMA Associate Certificate is a 10-day course provides a structured and interactive competency development for managers, advisers, consultants and others who are involved coordinating and supporting the management of environmental sustainability.

  • The IEMA Diploma in sustainable business practice programme, delivered over three one-week modules, benefits managers, advisers, consultants and others with a specialist environmental or sustainability role, who wish to build their strategic knowledge and skills.

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  • The breadth and depth of our team's expertise is unparalleled and we are recognised and trusted by key bodies in environmental management and work closely with the likes of IEMA on product development.

  • Our environmental expertise is supported by the whole EEF team of leadership and management trainers and consultants, our lean and business growth team and our HR team meaning we can draw on the relevant expertise for your business needs throughout the process of transitioning or attaining ISO14001:2015.

  • As the manufacturers’ organisation we have an intimate knowledge of manufacturing, the business environment and the impact legislation and regulation has on your business. This means you get pragmatic and outcome focused solutions that are built around your business, your goals and your success.

  • Our work with government at all levels means we don't just keep pace with legislation, we help shape it which gives us a unique combination of in-depth knowledge and policy-making involvement that informs the advice and support we provide.

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