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Developing a safety culture

Tackle the most challenging cause of accidents – human behaviour – by creating a culture that values and embeds safe working practices.

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What we can do

Many organisations have health and safety management systems in place but still have unacceptable levels of injuries and absences as a result of accidents and ill health.

If you want to go beyond the standard health and safety management system, we have a range of services to support you. These services address the human factors in health and safety, and seek to develop a positive health and safety culture in your workplace.

Our work can include

  • carrying out surveys and analysis as part of a safety culture development programme
  • a meeting with key representatives of your organisation to discuss the concept and explain the benefits of introducing a behavioural modification programme
  • developing specific competency in your employees, through training needs analysis, bespoke training plan, training programme delivery and coaching/mentoring
  • identifying the human factors that could contribute towards accidents in your health and safety system
  • benchmarking your safety culture against a maturity matrix
  • establishing priorities through the identification of critical safety behaviours
  • performing an Antecedent-Behaviour-Consequence (ABC) analysis
  • introducing a behavioural management programme complete with observations and feedback
  • a post-implementation evaluation to assess the effectiveness of introducing the human factor and culture measures

We'll provide support through every stage, the aim being to achieve permanent behavioural change, whether it be in management or in the workforce.

“We knew EEF would provide the right expertise and skills we needed and were confident that we would succeed in our aims to improve our health and safety culture at Formica Group.” - Denis Hall, VP Group Operations, Formica Group


Key Benefits

By ensuring that your employees are competent in health and safety issues you not only satisfy legal requirements but also make a significant contribution to the prevention of accidents. A fully-trained and competent workforce is usually more efficient, bringing added value to your business. It will also act as a significant step towards establishing a health and safety culture.

Our behavioural modification programme will change you and your employee’s attitudes towards safety, leading to:

  • fewer accidents and the reduction of associated costs
  • increased morale
  • improved productivity as a result of a motivated workforce
  • an enhanced reputation as your organisation moves beyond simply being legally compliant


Tools, case studies, blogs


Events, training, webinars


Webinar: Make a successful business case for training


Our consultancy is provided by a team of health and safety specialists located in offices around the country. All our consultants possess industry-recognised qualifications and have worked as health and safety managers or qualified tutors and trainers.

We work with your health and safety team to perform a training needs analysis for the whole or part of your organisation. We’ll identify the required competencies at all levels of your organisation, from the shop floor all the way up to the boardroom — ensuring you’re able to address your health and safety needs now and going forward with continued skill development.

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Ian-q-and-a Creating a health and safety culture

In this short video, health and safety expert Ian Cooke explains how HSE managers can create sustainable, authentic commitment to safety in the workplace.

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