Health and safety management systems

Design, implementation and audit of health and safety management systems

EEF can provide a comprehensive service to support you with all your health and safety management system needs, including identification of requirements, design, and implementation and auditing. We can provide ongoing support to maintain and update your systems, ensuring they remain compliant at all times. Out services guide you through each stage of your management system, whether it’s developing an existing system or one or implementing a new one. We are experienced with both certified, for example BSOHSAS18001, or a non-certified system. As a member of the BSI committee representing the UK throughout the development of ISO 45001 we have unique insight into the standard and how, how to achieve certification and how to derive the greatest business value from your system.

ISO 45001 transition and preparation for certification

Our team of Safety and Health consultants can help you achieve or transition to ISO 45001. Our support is designed to maximise the business value that achieving certification to ISO 45001 can deliver. Find out more.


Auditing health and safety management systems

We're able to audit your management system against a specified model such as BS OHSAS 18001, ISO 45001 or HSG65. We’ll provide you with a report covering compliance items, areas exceeding expectation and those where there is an opportunity to achieve better value from the process.

Management system implementation

Services to support you in implementing management systems that are compliant with BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 45001:2018, HSG65 or a non-certified system:  

  • initial scope setting
  • conducting gap analysis to determine how much work will need to be done in order to achieve a certified system
  • documentation writing
  • staff training
  • post-implementation auditing


    Health and safety management systems documentation

    We try to ensure you only document what you need and offer support that meets the requirements of BS OHSAS 18001:2007, ISO 45001:2018 or HSG65. We’re able to help you with the preparation of a range of documents, including:

  • policies
  • objectives and targets
  • roles and responsibilities
  • manuals
  • procedures
  • work instructions or safe systems of work


    Why EEF

  • The breadth and depth of our team's expertise is unparalleled and we are recognised and trusted by key bodies in environmental management and work closely with the likes of NEBOSH, IRCA, IOSH and we have a partnership with the HSE.
  • Our expertise is supported by the whole EEF team of leadership and management trainers and consultants, lean and business growth team, policy teams and our HR legal team meaning we can draw on the relevant expertise for your business needs throughout the process.
  •  As the manufacturers’ organisation we have an intimate knowledge of manufacturing, the business environment and the impact legislation and regulation has on your business. This means you get pragmatic and outcome focused solutions that are built around your business, your goals and your success.
  • Our work with government at all levels means we don't just keep pace with legislation, we help shape it which gives us a unique combination of in-depth knowledge and policy-making involvement that informs the advice and support we provide.
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