HR and Employment Law

We’re one of the largest and most highly qualified HR and employment law providers in the UK. Our team of barristers, solicitors and HR professionals provide support on all HR and employment law issues, from day-to-day problems, to assisting you with major business changes. We’ll use our extensive experience to support you in the event of a crisis. We’ll also keep you up to date on forthcoming legal changes, ensuring you remain compliant.

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Advice and support tailored to meet your needs

  • HR and employment law advice and guidance packages

    We provide human resources and employment law advice and support packages, ready to help you with any issue by phone, online or on-site.

  • Disciplinary and grievance support

    We help you manage grievance and disciplinary procedures. We offer support through mediation, consultation and formal investigations.

  • Employee engagement

    We offer Human Resources services to help you boost employee engagement, raising morale, and improving communication and business performance.

  • Employee relations and trade union support

    We offer advice and guidance to help you manage employee relations and work successfully with trade unions.

  • Pay, bonus and incentive scheme design

    We offer advice and support to help you with your employee reward and job evaluation scheme design.

  • Employment tribunal support

    We offer human resources and employment law services to help you through the employment tribunal process and to deal with claims.

  • HR Compliance audits

    We help you review your Human Resources policies. We ensure they support your objectives, reflect best practice and are compliant with legislation.

  • HR documentation review and development

    We help you prepare Human Resources documents, including employment contracts, employee handbooks, and employment policies.

  • Performance management and appraisals

    We help you design, set up, or review your performance management scheme, making sure it’s aligned with your business objectives.

  • Recruitment

    We offer Human Resources services to help you with recruitment policy, including vacancy adverts, applicant interviews, and training new employees.

  • Redundancy

    We help you to manage redundancy programmes, enabling you to reshape and reorganise your workforce whilst avoiding costly legal mistakes.

  • TUPE assistance and support

    We help you to manage business changes where TUPE regulations apply, assisting you with designing and implementing change management strategies.

  • Future skills and workforce planning

    We help you with Human Resources planning. We identify skill gaps in your organisation and advise you on the best way to deploy your people.

  • Why choose EEF

    We provide services to help with all your Human Resources issues. Our pragmatic approach to workforce solutions will enhance your corporate reputation.

InterimHR Interim HR

Interim HR can help cover a longer term absence, assist during peak workloads or manage recruitment campaigns and redundancy programmes.

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training spotlight image 2 Discover our HR & employment law training

We help ensure you're compliant and effective.

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challenge HR handbook challenge

To help you stay compliant and avoid workplace legal issues, we’ve put together a quick quiz based on real scenarios which our HR consultants have had to deal with.

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