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Restrictive covenants

Restrictive covenants work to protect employers by preventing previous employees from using the knowledge and information gained at the workplace for the benefit of their new employer.

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If you have restrictive covenants (sometimes called non-competes or non-solicitation agreements) in your employment contracts, it's vital to understand their implications. With many such agreements unenforceable or an unlawful restraint of trade, it's critical that employment contracts are periodically reviewed.

Our team of employment law experts can review the clauses in your contract, consider if there is a legitimate business interest to protect, and whether the extent of the restraint is enforceable. Protecting your business whilst saving you time and money. We can help with:

  • Enforceability audits
  • Bespoke drafting of contracts, confidentiality clauses & settlement agreements
  • Recruitment advice on a new hire who has restrictive covenants
  • Letters before action
  • Injunctive support


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"There are four standard types of restrictions which can be used by employers..." - Omar Khalil, Head of Legal, EEF

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EEF’s HR & employment law team can undertake an enforceability audit to strength check your employment contracts, we’ll identify potential gaps or missing covenants to ensure employers are safeguarded against some of the issues involving restrictive covenants.

For any assistance with restrictive covenants, from enforcement advice to drafting or reviewing your employment contracts, get in touch.

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