Productivity improvement

From the shop floor to the boardroom, we work with businesses in all industries and of all sizes to kick-off or re-invigorate their Lean and Six Sigma initiatives. Through working with companies to work more efficiently, improve productivity and performance and manage people and change more effectively, our experts know how to embed innovation and boost competitiveness on the global market.

Whether you’re focused on cost, lead-time, inventory, quality assurance, supply chain improvement, operational issues, utilisation or other business metrics, our highly experienced practitioners will make a significant and immediate positive impact on your business transformation.

We provide bespoke training and consultancy at any location and at the best time to suit your working or shift patterns.                                                                       


  • Business transformation

    Get help to transform your business operations, solve complex challenges and increase efficiency, from performance turnaround to major restructuring.

  • Continuous improvement

    Embed changes into culture and sustain momentum over the long term with continuous improvement initiatives.

Leanprezi Video: How to convince top managers to start a Lean programme

This presentation provides the business case for productivity and continuous improvement strategies.

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leanbenchmark Lean Benchmark

Assess your Lean programme's performance in eight key categories in comparison to the industry average.

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Conference2017logo EEF National Manufacturing Conference

Join over 800 of the UK’s most influential leaders to discuss the hottest topics in industry on 22 February 2017.

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