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Getting to the root of a problem and correcting it permanently often requires a perspective outside the business. EEF’s team of productivity and business growth experts have helped businesses across various industries and of every size transform their processes to solve complex challenges and increase efficiency.

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Through direct experience as business practitioners and leaders, our consultants can make rapid diagnosis of business problems breaking the issue down into 'bite sized chunks'. We deliver real changes and continuous improvement. From performance turnaround to major restructuring, we work directly with your team to deliver immediate and lasting results that can be seen on the bottom line.

EEF are helping businesses prepare for the digital future, helping you understand what the 4th industrial revolution means for manufacturers and what role it plays in the productivity challenge. Our improvement services and solutions will ensure you make improvements and transform your business to remain competitive and grow in the next revolution.


Business benefits

Delivering major changes to a business can stretch resources and have an adverse impact on “business as usual”.

Our consultants can work with you to develop and implement change that is manageable by your organisation and supplement your resources during the most critical periods of change.

Our consultants have managed major change programmes and manufacturing transfers across the world. During these moves we have succeeded in maintaining 100% customer supply.

EEF worked with Manfrotto to develop manufacturing efficiency improvement, to bring a number of products sourced overseas back to the UK, resulting in cost competitive, high quality production. Ken Brown of Manfrotto says, “Having the working cell makes the Lean theory come alive and we are fortunate to have that opportunity. Not only were we able to get essential training, but we were also able to use Patrick to oversee the development of the cell and put Lean methodology into action.”

Is your business ready for the digital future?

BBR spot 

Many manufacturers are facing challenges around productivity. One factor is the 4th Industrial Revolution and the key challenges surrounding the digitalisation of processes and technology. EEF has launched Be Business Ready to help manufacturers explore and understand what the 4th Industrial Revolution really is and what it means to them. We’ll be providing invaluable insight and guidance on what you can do now to prepare, covering key topics around, improving productivity beyond the shop floor, developing skills, global digitisation in supply and investing in new technology. Download our recent EEF/Oracle 4IR fact card to help you prepare for 4IR and our infographic on creating a secure and reliable infrastructure for a modern manufacturing future.

We’re continuing to work with manufacturers and industry leaders to identify the key barriers, enablers and drivers of the 4th Industrial Revolution. Find out more about our campaigning activities here.


Blogs and further reading


  • Bespoke solutions: we use our expertise to define the best approach for your organisation, developing a bespoke model to meet your specific needs. We will deliver tailored and customised options that will fit into your shift patterns, and build your own systems and procedures.
  • Commercial focus: we want you to realise the commercial benefits of your business improvement activities, so we deliver commercially focused outcomes aligned to your organisation’s goals.
  • A practitioner’s approach: our consultants come from the real world of business, bringing with them a wealth of industry experience. This means our solutions come with a deep appreciation of the challenges you face and deliver a strategy which enables you to achieve your objectives.


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