Research and intelligence

Essential market intelligence and research for your business

Our research and intelligence services give you a better understanding of your business and your market — meaning you uncover best practice and gain a competitive edge. Our insights will help you compete, innovate and grow.

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You can access industry reports, pay and benchmarking reports in the EEF resources and knowledge section.

Our services:

  • Marketing manufacturing good practice

    Through our research, we celebrate good practice, dispel the myths about manufacturing and highlight the innovativeness and creativity of the sector.

  • Pay and benefit benchmarking

    We provide pay and benefit benchmarking studies. We analyse market pay rates and benefits to help your organisation remain competitive.

  • Workplace best practice

    We offer research and intelligence to enable you to make informed and confident business decisions to future-proof your business growth.

  • Why choose EEF?

    We have a unique understanding of the engineering and manufacturing sector. Our research and intelligence insights help you plan for the future with confidence.