Marketing manufacturing good practice

We celebrate good practice, dispel the myths about manufacturing and highlight the innovativeness and creativity of the sector.

  • We provide independent and in-depth research
  • We produce interesting and thought-provoking reports
  • We work to champion the diversity and excellence within manufacturing
  • We highlight the real experiences of manufacturers from SME to FTSE 100
  • We encourage young people to be the next generation of manufacturers and engineers
  • We get people energised and excited by the sector

Our reports, combined with launch events, receive wide-scale press attention, whilst gaining interest from the industry and across the education sector.

We have access to a wealth of information on the manufacturing sector and the people that work within it. Combining this with our research experience and expertise puts us in a unique position to represent manufacturing and celebrate the sector.

Here are some examples of our recent work:

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Pioneering Great British Products report

EEF’s first ‘Pioneering Great British Products’ publication showcases the immense creativity and diversity in British Manufacturing today.

This report focuses on the inventiveness of Britain’s manufacturing sector and its incredible achievements throughout history. We recognise and celebrate the heritage of British manufacturing and the top 10 British inventions. We also feature 5 high-profile and truly revolutionary products. Additionally, apprentices and young people who are currently employed in engineering and manufacturing careers tell us how they are finding the sector a rewarding and interesting place to work.

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Women in Manufacturing

The second EEF Women in Manufacturing report, sponsored by Lloyds Bank Commercial Banking, celebrates leading woman in manufacturing SMEs and, like our first study, identifies the successes women can have in modern manufacturing workplaces.

We update the previous findings on women on the boards of FTSE 100 manufacturing companies and with our focus on the bigger picture for manufacturing, we also shine a light on the careers of successful high-level women in SMEs, which account for nearly 60% of manufacturing employment.

The report shows:

  • how many women are at board level in the largest manufacturing companies
  • how vital women are to the sector.

It celebrates the successes that women can have in manufacturing, identifies the challenges and highlights the changes needed to be made see more women choosing careers in our sector.

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Financing for Assets

To understand how UK manufacturers are financing their acquisitions, we undertook an independent study exploring their asset-purchase behaviour over the last three years. This report looked into current awareness levels of the range of funding methods as well as the views of EEF members on possible future developments within this area.

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Intelligence-and-research-spotlight-thumb Research, Intelligence and Benchmarking

Find details of our pay and industry benchmarking reports all in one place, plus information on our bespoke research services.

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