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Pay and benefit benchmarking

Our pay and benefit benchmarking service helps you to remain competitive.

Our pay research helps you resolve issues such as:

  • concern that local companies in the area are paying more
  • finding out the market rate when recruiting someone new
  • ensuring employees’ salaries are at market rate
  • disgruntled employees or a pay dispute 
  • reviewing pay structures or individual job roles
  • understanding pay rates when planning on moving to another site or relocating to an area
  • knowing what benefits and allowances similar companies give employees.

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Who we work with

We work with senior management to help illuminate pay and benefits issues. Whatever your business industry or size we’ll provide benchmarking data to suit your needs.

Services include

Annual pay reports

Our annual pay reports enable you to understand pay for individual roles. These reports provide immediate access to detailed pay and benefits information for more than 200 manufacturing and engineering roles from the shop floor to the boardroom. They breakdown the data by:

  • sector
  • company size (turnover and number of employees)
  • region

The Workforce Pay Benchmark covers over 100 clerical, technical and manual roles, from administration and sales through to apprentices and technicians. The report is published each September.

The Professionals’ Pay Benchmark covers over 80 professional engineering and managerial roles, encompassing a range of engineering departments. It also covers human resources, health and safety, marketing and graduate positions. This report is published each November.

The Directors’ Pay Benchmark covers 13 director-level positions, including managing director and chief executive. The report is published each December.

Job matching

Job matching allows you to utilise our experience and expertise handling pay data. This service is offered alongside our annual pay reports and helps make complex benchmarking simple and accessible.

How does it work?

You provide a list of manufacturing jobs you want benchmarked. Having assess the roles to ensure we can provide suitable data, we draw up a short proposal outlining the costs and timescale to undertake the work. Once you sign up for the service you supply us with job descriptions for each role. We then assess these descriptions against our database of more than 200 roles, to match your jobs to current market rates for comparable roles in manufacturing.

The result is that you get a customised report detailing each of your jobs with the corresponding market pay – this can be basic and total pay on a regional and/or national basis, depending on your needs.

Example of the data you will receive:


Bespoke pay research

Bespoke pay benchmarking involves us designing and completing a project to meet your company’s specific requirements, including data collection, analysis and reporting.

A benchmarking requirement often comes from organisational issues — whether it’s losing a high number of employees to other companies in your area, or a lack of pay data available for specific roles. In these circumstances you may benefit from a bespoke solution.

Due to the sensitive nature of the work, we retain a high level of confidentially with our clients.

  • Company 1 was considering reducing the pay for some of their workers, and wanted to assess the risk of those workers moving to other local companies. We designed a survey focussed on a specific location, and analysed the pay and benefits for manual roles within that area.
  • Company 2 wanted to benchmark their pay for specific engineering roles against their competitors. We worked with them to design a survey and ensure that the relevant companies participated.

Benefits to your business

Pay and benefit benchmarking can minimise any adverse impact on your business. It can help you resolve pay disputes and solve recruitment and retention problems.

Our team of researchers have extensive expertise and experience undertaking pay benchmarking studies for a wide range of companies.

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