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Workplace best practice

Research and intelligence services to offer you independent insight into best practice in people management and organisational change. We’ll provide you with the latest market knowledge, enabling you to make robust business decisions with the confidence to incorporate changes that will future proof your business growth.

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Who we work with

We work closely with your senior managers to provide a pragmatic solution grounded in real-world knowledge and based on extensive experience providing analysis and insight.

Services include

We undertake projects tailored to your specific requirements on a day rate basis, with a pre-agreed price defined at the outset.

Our research projects are designed to meet your specific needs, including how to tackle the everyday and the not-so-everyday, workplace issues. We support you with every aspect — defining the objectives of the research, conducting analysis of data, and then presenting results by report or presentation.

We’ll help you to identify:

  • what good practice looks like
  • how organisational change affects employees
  • what other businesses have done that works

Company A: wanted to gain a greater understanding of the successful ways of developing, motivating and engaging first line managers. Initially we undertook desk research to identify examples of good practice in other companies.

Phase 2 involved interviewing five companies that demonstrated good examples of motivating their first line managers. The case studies we produced from these interviews provided Company A with an in-depth insight into how these five approached the issue, what worked and what was less successful.

Company B were shutting a site but wanted to maintain employee productivity until closure. They wanted to understand the issues faced by other companies in their position and how they attempted to maintain employee engagement.

The two stage project again started with desk research to identify similar companies that had either shut sites or experienced large-scale redundancies. We interviewed four companies for stage two, to enable us to provide a detailed analysis of how employee productivity and engagement was handled in the lead up to closure or large-scale redundancy.

Benefits to your business

Our research and intelligence specialists will help you to understand the wider market and how other businesses have handled people management and organisational change, to support your business decisions and objectives.

By working closely with our research specialists, you'll gain access to credible, reliable and up-to-date data, enabling you to maintain a confident, competitive advantage.

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