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Gearing up for the Agency Workers Regulations

- A Practical Workshop

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010, which come into force on 1 October 2011, give agency workers new entitlements to equal treatment to directly employed workers. Our workshops will explain the new law and help your company to plan strategically on how it will affect your use of agency workers

Who Should Attend?

HR Managers, HR Directors and others responsible for engaging agency workers.

Why Attend?

  • Understand the key provisions of the Regulations; 
  • Conduct an audit of the way in which you currently use agency workers and identify the ways in which the Regulations will impact on your particular business
  • Plan strategically how it will affect your use of agency workers – will you continue to use agency workers at all, ensure you do not use them for more than 12 weeks, or continue to use them but put all the necessary mechanisms in place to minimise the impact of the legislation and stay on the right side of the law?; 
  • Identify the practical steps you need to take to comply with the legislation, for example working out which information to pass to the agency about your own employees’ terms and conditions, and considering how best to make available details of vacancies to your employees and agency workers; 
  • Take control and establish how best to work with the agencies that supply you with agency workers.

The Agency Workers Regulations 2010 will come into force on 1 October 2011.

They provide that agency workers working for the same hirer for more than 12 weeks will be entitled to equal treatment in certain basic terms and conditions, including pay, as directly recruited employees of the hirer doing the same job. This right kicks in after the agency worker has served a 12 week qualifying period with the end-user. 

The Regulations also give agency workers certain ‘day one’ rights, including no less favourable access to collective facilities and amenities (including access to canteen, child care and transport facilities) and the same opportunity as comparable employees of the hirer to opportunities to find permanent employment with it.

As a result, many companies will need to rethink the way they use agency workers in the future.

Our workshops are designed to explain the new law and help companies to plan strategically on how it will affect their use of agency workers. Delegates will benefit from sharing their ideas on a confidential basis with others facing similar issues.

These workshops are timed to help you fully prepare for the changes in October 2011. Attending the Workshop in February 2011 will give you time to consider the implications of the Regulations for your business and share our insight into the likely content of Government guidance.


Setting the scene

10 mins: Introduction 

20 mins: The Basic Principles: An overview of the main provisions of the new law.

20 mins: Introducing EEF’s new tool for hirers, the Agency Worker Regulations Impact Assessment Tool. Throughout the seminar, delegates will be given time to complete the tool to help them identify potential problem areas in their business and strategies to address these. After the seminar, delegates will be able to use this tool to plan what they need to do to prepare for the implementation of the AWR.

Day 1 rights:

25 mins: Focus on collective facilities and vacancies. This session will cover what collective facilities and amenities hirers need to make available to agency workers and their new obligation to inform agency workers of suitable job vacancies. 

15 mins: Coffee break

The right to equal treatment after 12 weeks

20 mins: This session will explain who the comparator is and how to work out when an agency worker has accumulated 12 weeks’ service with the hirer. 

40 mins: In this session, delegates will learn which terms and conditions terms they need to equalise. This will include what counts as pay, when agency workers may be entitled to the same bonuses as direct employees, how to deal with overtime, as well as how much holiday to give agency workers and what hours they should work. 

The hirer’s obligations to provide information

15 mins: This session will look at what information hirers will need to give to agencies and agency workers It will also cover the new obligation on hirers to inform their own workforce about their use of agency workers.

45 mins: Lunch 

Preparing for and managing the impact of the AWR

60 mins: This practical session will focus on changes that delegates may need to make to their practices and procedures as a result of the new law. The pros and cons of strategic changes that could reduce the impact of the Regulations for some hirers will be discussed. The session will be interactive and delegates will have the opportunity to exchange ideas with each other.

Effective relationships with agencies

20 mins: This session will look at how hirers can manage their relationships with their agency effectively, so as to minimise administrative burdens and get the best commercial deal.

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