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Measuring the Impact of Training

This workshop is aimed at managers in organisations who plan, monitor or deliver training and development.

This event is no longer running, however you may be interested in our follow-on training.

Who Should Attend?

Aimed at HR and Training Managers.

Why Attend?

The workshop will supply participants with a range of practical and useful techniques and methods which will allow them to assess and measure the results of training at four significant levels:

Reaction – What are the immediate experiences and views of people?

Learning – What knowledge have the candidates acquired from the programme?

Skill – What new behaviours and abilities has the learner been able to acquire?

Work – What is happening differently in the workplace?

This event will be extremely useful to any manager with responsibility for supplying evaluative evidence, either internally or externally, about the effects of the training delivered. This would include anyone who is involved with training that is supported by government grants or funding. Alternatively, you may wish to supply evidence for IIP status, internal auditing or external awarding bodies. This programme is also for HR and Training Managers who want to present something more substantial than summaries of end of course review sheets to provide evidence of the results of training.

At the end of the event participants will be able to take away, on USB sticks or via email attachment, a range of documents and systems which they can adapt and mould to their needs and requirements.

The significant benefits for managers attending will be the ability to supply convincing evidence of their role and importance of the training delivered. It would also provide proof of where money might be better invested when training is having little or no impact.


A timetable and further details are available on request.

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