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Unlocking holidays: all your questions about holidays answered

The complete guide to the law on holiday entitlement and pay in the workplace from our employment law experts

In this seminar, we set out to offer a comprehensive guide to holidays and the law.

We explain the new law on calculating holiday pay. We describe in practical terms what you should do to comply with the latest court rulings in Bear Scotland and Lock v British Gas, sharing our experience of how member companies are approaching some of the challenges.

We recap on all areas of the law relating to holidays, including holidays and sickness, holidays and family leave and holidays for joiners and leavers.

We discuss current best practice when it comes to holiday policies - including how much holiday to give, service-related increases, buying and selling holidays and holidays and pay on termination of employment.

We look at what to include in employment contracts and policies, and how to deal with holidays for workers on non-standard contracts, such as part-time and annualised hours.

You will also have plenty of opportunity to discuss your holiday questions with your peers and our legal experts in our holiday law surgery.

Get clear and practical advice on what you need to do to comply with the new law on calculating holiday pay, brush up on the law relating to holidays in general and benchmark your holiday practices with your peers.

Benefit from our unique experience of helping hundreds of member companies with holiday issues and our involvement with the cross-departmental Government Taskforce addressing the impact of the holiday pay ruling on employers.

Who should attend?

  • HR Managers
  • Finance Directors
  • Members and Non members

If you came on one of our previous holiday pay seminars in 2014, some of this seminar consolidates what was covered in those seminars there. In addition, we will also be sharing what our member companies are doing in response to the new law on holiday pay, looking in more depth at commission and bonus schemes and other tricky holiday issues.

Why attend?

  • Understand the law on holidays, including the latest cases
  • Get clarity on what you need to do about holiday pay
  • Learn how you should change your current policies, contracts and approach to achieve compliance or best practice
  • Gain confidence in dealing with everyday and tricky holiday issues
  • Get up to speed on holiday and pay entitlements for non-standard entitlements
  • Discuss current practice with your peers


Stated event times include 30 minutes for registration and refreshments before the presentation commences


Registration and coffee




How much holiday to give and what rules to have about when it can be taken

  • Legal entitlements
  • Current best practice
  • Service-related increases
  • How holidays accrue
  • Buying and selling holiday
  • Rules for holiday booking
  • Christmas/other closures


Calculating holiday pay (1)

  • How to comply with the new law on holiday pay
  • What must be included in holiday pay
  • Distinguishing between holidays to which the new law applies and other holidays
  • How to reflect overtime in holiday pay
  • How to calculate normal remuneration for holiday pay
  • Other calculation approaches – e.g. rolled up holiday pay, paying holiday pay at a set rate




Calculating holiday pay (2)

  • Bonus and commission – when and how to reflect this in holiday pay
  • Which bonuses can be excluded from holiday pay?
  • What to say in bonus and commission schemes about holiday pay


Holidays and sickness, family leave and starting/ending employment

  • Holiday rights of sick employees
  • Holiday rights of employees taking family leave
  • How to deal with holidays for joiners and leavers




Holiday entitlement and holiday pay for non-standard contracts

  • Part-time workers
  • Casual workers
  • Zero hours contracts
  • Annualised hours contracts
  • Agency/third party workers
  • Contractors and the self-employed


What should your employment contracts, policies and collective agreements say about holidays?

  • Legal requirements
  • When you need to reserve flexibility and how to achieve this
  • Revising your employment documentation




Holiday claims

  • What can employees claim if you’ve not been complying with their holiday rights?
  • Back pay claims for underpaid holiday


Holiday law surgery

Our experts set out to answer your questions about holidays



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