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West Midlands Energy Discussion

This EEF Member only event focuses on energy concerns, including costs and access.

Energy is a constant worry for many EEF members. Not only does it account for a significant proportion of some manufacturer’s outgoings, there are even times when access to energy is uncertain despite the high cost. EEF Head of Climate, Energy and Environment Policy Roz Bulleid will lead discussion on what the government’s position is with regard to security of energy supply, and members can discuss strategies for managing their energy use and ensuring they can access the energy they need at the right times.

Who should attend?

Attend if you are a high energy user and are concerned by the cost and availability of your energy supply.

Why attend?

Members who join will gain:

  • Insight into government strategy on energy and how this is likely to develop in the future
  • Understanding from peers of techniques used to reduce the risks faced by high energy users


RozBulleidRoz Bullied, EEF Head of Climate, Energy and Environment Policy


9:00 Coffee and refreshments
Welcome and introductions
Energy availability
Coffee break
Energy costs
Impact of Brexit / OFGEM charging review (Subject to time constraints)

Please email Adam Titchen (
ATitchen@eef.org.uk) to book your place.

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