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Energy and climate change

The UK has ambitious carbon targets. At EEF, we are working with government and other stakeholders to ensure these are met in a collaborative way while building new opportunities for manufacturers, and not through measures that hinder international competitiveness.

At the moment, 85% of our member companies see UK climate policy as something that brings additional regulatory burdens and 75% as responsible for increasing energy costs. By comparison 70% think it helps open up new markets but only 30% see it as something that can help distinguish their products from those of competitors.*

We’re also committed to ensuring members have access to a reliable supply of electricity.

EEF has been instrumental in highlighting the impact the UK’s approach to decarbonising electricity and cost recovery has had on the comparative prices industries pays for electricity, and recommending practical solutions such as compensation for energy intensive industries. Nonetheless, electricity prices remain higher in the UK for core member companies than for their competitors on the continent, meaning this co

ntinues to be an area of focus.

We’ve also worked with government to ensure successive regulatory regimes from the Climate Change Levy to the latest proposals for Streamlined Energy & Carbon Reporting are as well attuned as possible to manufacturers’ needs and ways of working.

* Ref: EEF Climate, Energy and Environment Survey 2016




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