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Post-Brexit environmental regulation

Manufacturers can be affected by a broad swathe of environmental regulation from rules on packaging waste recovery and chemical hazard labels to tailpipe standard for cars and strict rules on factory emissions requiring millions of pounds of investment.

Much of this – the estimate is around 80% - originates in the EU, making environmental legislation a particular source of uncertainty in the Brexit debate and a possible impediment to trade.

At the same time, the government has expressed its intention to set out a new overarching framework for environmental regulation post-Brexit, a move that – depending on the details – could provide valuable continuity and predictability for manufacturers. This will also include updates to key policies around resource efficiency and waste, chemicals, and air quality.

EEF has a long history of pragmatic engagement with government and other stakeholders on environmental issues. We are using this to explore the potential impacts of Brexit with member companies and feed their views into the policymaking process as Brexit negotiations, and the fleshing out of Defra’s long-term plans, progress.

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This briefing outlines the complexities of environmental policy in relation to Brexit, manufacturers’ frustrations around the lack of certainty from government and our key priorities for regulation in the post-Brexit period. Download the briefing to find out more. 







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