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Productivity and UK Manufacturing

EEF wants to understand why productivity growth has flat lined and what can be done to get the sector back on a growth path.


Productivity, and its growth, is important. It enables more to be created with less, supporting competitiveness, profitability and higher living standards.

The UK manufacturing sector has historically contributed significantly to whole economy productivity and it remains firmly at the top of the agenda for EEF members. But despite this strong performance, since 2008 – and in line with the whole economy average – manufacturing productivity has flat lined.

EEF, as the voice of UK manufacturing and a champion for the sector, has been outlining solutions to address this challenge for some time. While some economy wide solutions that have been enacted will support manufacturing, the economic debate has not yielded a definitive assessment and a new approach is needed to get to a manufacturing specific answer.




  • Piecing-together-the-puzzle-Oct-2018-reportPiecing together the puzzle

    The new productivity work explore further the factors already analysed in Unpacking the puzzle, introduce some new ones and set our view on how we should tackle the productivity problem.

  • Unpacking-the-productivity-puzzleUnpacking the productivity puzzle

    There is not one factor that can completely explain the productivity performance of all manufacturing sub-sectors so a targeted solution is needed.

  • ProductivityreportProductivity: the state of the manufacturing nation

    Manufacturing has the potential to be a major driving force behind improving the productivity performance of the UK economy.

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