How to fix UK manufacturing productivity growth webinar

In this webinar, EEF’s Chief Economist, Lee Hopley, discusses our understanding of why manufacturing productivity growth has flat lined and what can be done to get the sector’s productivity performance back on a growth path.

Productivity, and its growth, is important. It enables more to be created with less supporting competitiveness, profitability and higher living standards. The UK manufacturing sector has historically contributed significantly to whole economy productivity and it remains firmly at the top of the agenda for EEF members. But despite this strong performance, since 2008, and in line with the whole economy average, manufacturing productivity has flat lined.

On this webinar, EEF’s Chief Economist, Lee Hopley, will report on our assessment of how different subsectors within industry compare, whether there are factors which might explain why some do better than others and why some sectors in the UK perform better or worse than their major competitors.

Prior to the webinar we encourage you to get in touch with the Economics team with your thoughts, comments and questions to Alternatively, webinar attendees can submit questions or comments via the webinar platform during the session – we will either address them as part of the webinar or follow up with you after.

EEF, wants to hear from you to understand why growth has flat lined and what can be done to get the sector back on a growth path. This crucial feedback will inform EEF’s work to help boost the UK’s productivity and will feed into our Autumn Budget submission.

Who should attend?

  • Manufacturers
  • Policy-makers and experts
  • Academics

Why attend?

  • Understand what has happened to productivity growth over the past ten years
  • Know the full picture of manufacturing productivity, including sub-sector differences
  • Understand how UK manufacturing productivity, and sub-sector productivity, stacks up against international competitors
  • Distinguish some of the factors which may explain the divergent productivity path for sectors
  • Post-webinar, have the chance to feed into the discussion on what affects manufacturing productivity

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