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Me and WEEE

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First an introduction, I'm Fergus McReynolds and I have recently joined the Climate & Environment Policy Team at EEF. I have been working in the dairy sector for the last three years as the industry's environment manager, but joined EEF half way through July. I'm looking forward to working in a dynamic industry building on the strong environmental performance of our many members.One of my key priorities at EEF will be working on the Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE) Directive, where the fun starts this autumn with the second reading of the recast of the directive in the European Parliament.I will be heading to Brussels in September to present our position to key MEPs in an effort to ensure that the directive develops in a sensible and manageable way and that producers of EEE are given the tools they need to continue to recover, reuse and recycle WEEE.The recast has been called because despite the rules on collection and recycling set out in the current WEEE directive only one third of electrical and electronic waste in the European Union is reported as separately collected and appropriately treated.During the first reading of the recast directive the European Parliament and the Council came to considerably different conclusions on a number of issues, which means that there is ground to be made up by both. The EU's standard decision-making procedure, known as 'codecision', means that the European Parliament will have to agree with the Council on any new EU legislation.The second reading will take place under the watchful eye of the Polish presidency who have already indicated the WEEE recast as a priority. It is clear that the key sticking points will be around the national requirements verses EU wide requirements and setting targets.There are currently discrepancies between the definitions of a “producer” and their responsibilities nationally and across Europe, including whether registration happens at a national level or pan European level. I also expect one of chief battle grounds to be whether to extend the scope of the directive to more product categories and the development of targets. Targets for WEEE collections are currently based on the amount of WEEE generated, but it has been proposed that the targets should be based on EEE (Electrical and Electronic Equipment) placed on the market. We support a target based on WEEE generated.


Director of EU Affairs

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