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Your chance to break through red tape

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Is government regulation costing you money and time, causing you hr headaches or resulting in lost orders? Between 2002 and 2010, the cost to UK business of the annual flow of new regulation more than doubled from £5bn in 2002 to £11.5bn in 2010.

In tough economic times we need to ensure that regulation is kept to a minimum and is as well-designed and sensibly implemented as possible.

The ‘Red Tape Challenge' (RTC) is an opportunity for business like yours to get involved and start addressing the issue and shape a better business environment. It's a government initiative that invites businesses to tell them which regulations are not working and how they could be improved.

Manufacturing will get out of this exercise what it puts in. We can see it as a gimmick and sit on the sidelines or get involved and generate ideas. We will be taken most seriously if we submit a considered and focused body of evidence.

EEF wants to do its bit. Our Chief Executive, Terry Scuoler, is acting as the ‘sector champion' for manufacturing. In this role he is promoting participation in the RTC and working to ensure that manufacturers' views are taken seriously.

We are pulling together issues from across our membership and beyond to demonstrate the breadth of regulations weighing down on UK manufacturing. A consolidated body of evidence will help give maximum impact to the industry's concerns.

If you are a manufacturer whose business is being undermined by regulation, let us know and we will champion the issue on your behalf. Send a description of the issue and the regulation causing it to

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