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Advent 2011: 24 facts about manufacturing

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Over on twitter, we've had a run down of 24 facts about manufacturing. In true Christmas spirit - in case you missed them - here is a summary:


Manufacturing accounts for 10% of the economy, and has accounted for about 25% of growth since the recessionONS
2Manufacturing has seen eight consecutive quarters of growthONS
3There are approximately 124,000 manufacturing companies in the UKABI
4Manufacturing accounts for about 10% of employment in the UKABI
5EEF's Business Trends survey shows that a balance of 12% of companies saw output expand in the last three monthsEEF
6In the last year productivity in manufacturing rose 4.9% compared with 1.4% in the economy as a wholeONS
7Motor vehicles was the best performing sector in the year to October 2011, growing 10.6%IoP
8In the last decade productivity in manufacturing rose 45% compared with 14% in the economy as a wholeONS
9UK goods exports hit a record £26.5bn in OctoberPPI
10R&D intensity (ratio of R&D to income) in manufacturing is around 4%, rising to 15% for pharmaceuticals (1.6% for the whole economy)HMT
11EEF surveys show that the majority of manufacturers are adopting low-carbon initiativesEEF
12Manufacturing accounts for nearly 3/4 of business investment in R&DONS
13Since 1990 manufacturing emissions have been reduced by 39%EEF
14There are currently around 2.5 million people employed in manufacturingONS
15Manufacturing recycles nearly half its wasteEEF
16Average weekly earnings are 15% higher in manufacturing than for the economy as a wholeONS
17Investment by manufacturers rose by nearly 16% in the last quarterONS
18Manufacturers are bringing production back to the UK: 1 in 7 manufacturers that had shipped production offshore are bringing activity backEEF
19Over 90% of UK manufacturers are exportersEEF
20Manufacturing accounts for over half of UK exportsONS
21Goods exports have grown by 17% since the recession endedHMRC
22Goods exports to BRIC economies have grown by 50% since the recession endedHMRC
23The UK is the world's 9th largest manufacturing nationUNCTAD
24The largest manufacturing sector in the UK is Food and Drink (we hope you'll be enjoying plenty of both over Christmas!)ONS


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