Green and growth integrally linked

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Following the publication of our Green and Growth report yesterday, I was encouraged to hear Greg Barkers, Minister of State for DECC, echo our key messages that carbon reduction and rebalancing the economy are integrally linked and that manufacturers will need to be at the heart of the green economy. Speaking at the Associated Parliamentary Manufacturers Group this morning, the Minister said that the government and industry must work together to provide a strong industrial base to build up the green economy.

These messages mirrored Terry Scuoler's speech at the launch of Solutions for Growing and Green Economy at a well-attended parliamentary reception last night.

Mr Scuoler highlighted that the manufacturing sector is already making big progress towards cutting its emissions, and will be at the forefront of providing the technological solutions to climate change, but that we risked undermining growth and missing out on green business opportunities if our policy focuses solely on relentlessly loading costs on industry.

Mr Scuoler said “we believe there is a better way. So, in this report we argue for a change in our approach that we believe will help us grow our economy and better meet our environmental goals.”

EEF's report was been well received and has built on the strong relationships we have developed with NGOs, sector organisations, and member companies. I am now looking forward to working in partnership with government to deliver on both growth and green.

EEF Chief Executive Terry Scuoler talks through the report with Chris White MP

Terry Scuoler talking to Shadow Business Minister Iain Wright MP and EEF Climate, Energy & Environment Committee Chair Bob Duxbury of Wedge Galvanising


Director of EU Affairs

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