Week in Review - 10th February, 2012 | EEF

Week in Review - 10th February, 2012

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↑ MPC decisionThe Bank of England's Monetary Policy Committee announced plans to extend its asset purchase scheme from £275bn to £325bn, due to a weak near-term growth outlook and expectations for inflation to fall back. The bank rate was maintained at 0.5%.
↑ Index of productionThe Index of Production for December was stronger than expected, showing that manufacturing grew by 1.0% over the month.
↑ UK TradeThe UK's total trade deficit narrowed to £1.1bn in December and the trade in goods deficit narrowed to £7.1bn. This was driven by both a fall in imports and an increase in exports: in the fourth quarter total goods exports hit a record high.
↓ Producer pricesIn the year to January manufacturers' input prices rose by 7.0%, this was the lowest annual rise since November 2009.
The week ahead
Tue 14th: Consumer prices
Wed 15th: Labour Market Statistics
Thu 16th: EEF Pay Bulletin
Fri 17th: Retail sales


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