Celebrating Manufacturing and Engineering Apprenticeships #NAW2013

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Manufacturers rely on Apprenticeships to acquire the skills they need to maintain and grow their business, fill gaps that exist in their workforces and get young people into manufacturing.

"Our apprentices are the guarantee for a successful future of our business" - Ralph Saelzer, Liebherr-Sunderland Works

Our industry has a proven track record in offering Apprenticeships but have perhaps felt that Apprenticeships haven't been given the credit they deserve. The tide is beginning to change. Apprenticeships have shot up policy-makers agendas, with a cross-party consensus that Apprenticeships play a key role in supporting economic growth going forward.

There is more still to be done to create more and better quality Apprenticeships. We expect the Government to respond to the Richard Review of Apprenticeships shortly, which makes a number of recommendations which could potentially shift the Apprenticeship landscape quite radically. We will await the outcome and prepare to press Government to push forward those recommendations that will better support our industry.

But for now, as it's National Apprenticeship Week we thought we would celebrate with some of our top facts and figures on Manufacturing Apprenticeships:

(1) Two-thirds of our members currently offer Apprenticeships (Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012)

(2) Of those members, three-quarters had manufacturing and engineering Apprenticeship starts in the past 12 months (Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012)

"We have recruited four apprentices within the last year, representing 16% of our total workforce, and we see them as a core part of our company growth strategy" - Andrew Esson, Quick Hydraulics

(3) There were 59,480 Engineering and Manufacturing Apprenticeship starts in 2011/12 (Source: The Data Service)

"We have had over 500 applications from young people so far this year for apprenticeships or pathways to engineering starting in September 2013" - Steve Grant, TTE Technical Training Group

(4) The number of manufacturing and engineering apprenticeships has more than double in the past 10 years (Source: The Data Service)

(5) Average pay rates for an engineering apprentice is £6.23 compared to £3.38 in hairdressing (Source: BIS Apprentice Pay Survey 2011)

(6) 45% of engineering apprentices receive bonuses compared to a 26% average (Source: BIS Apprentice Pay Survey 2011)

"Our apprentices are an invaluable asset to our company's long term prosperity, ensuring both continuity and progression in the transfer of skill and knowledge" - Craig Naylor, NTR Ltd

(7) 90% of Engineering Apprentices are always paid overtime compared to 38% in Business Admin (Source: BIS Apprentice Pay Survey 2011)

(8) Engineering Apprentices doing overtime receive one of the highest hourly rates at £9.48 per hour (Source: BIS Apprentice Pay Survey 2011)

(9)Three-quarters of EEF members generally offer apprenticeships to those aged 16 to 18 years old (Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012)

(10) Six in ten manufacturers said on average their Apprenticeship programmes last up to four years (Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012)

(11)Three-quarters of manufacturers said ALL their Apprentices went into full time employment in THEIR company (Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012)

"Rention rates amongst apprentices (in our company) are high, with every apprentice being offered a permanent job upon completion of their trainin. Our apprentices are extremely loyal and stay with the firm, often climbing the ranks within the company" - Richard Bridgman, Warren Services

(12) Seven in ten companies prioritise passion and enthusiasm for manufacturers when recruiting Apprentices (Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012)

(13) There was an 84% increase in the number of women taking an engineering apprenticeship between 2002 and 2010 (Source: SEMTA)

"MBDA's apprenticeship furthered my education, enhanced my confidence, and launched me into the working environment. Academically, I've achieved NVQs, a HNC and a First-Class BA Honours Degree; In Personal Development, my presentation and communication skills are enormously improved; and Professionally, I'm recognised as a valuable asset with brilliant prospects ahead. It's been overwhelming to have my efforts commended at national level and I feel it's essential apprentices are recognised for their achievements. Since my success in the NAS awards, I've been able to conduct a speech at the House of Lords, appear live on ITV's Daybreak and on BBC Radio." - Beth Sherbourne, MBDA Systems, Higher ApprenticeWinner 2012

(14) Half of our members said they offered Apprenticeships to get young people into manufacturing (Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012)


Head of Education & Skills Policy

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