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Today's inflation report brings a more positive tone to the future outlook than has been seen for a while, with both the output and inflation forecasts having been revised in a positive direction. The improvement was driven by signs of early momentum picking up in the wider economy. We look at some of the reasons behind each of the revisions in turn.

Output forecast revised up

The upside surprise of 0.3% growth in the first quarter of this year underpins a number of other indicators that give rise to the expectation of stronger GDP growth over the course of this year. Demand and supply are expected to pick up gradually with a number of factors contributing to this change in view. While employment has fallen back somewhat, it is expected to pick up more than previous estimates, household real incomes have led to some up-tick in consumption and the extension to the Funding for Lending Scheme is expected to ease credit conditions and boost demand.

Risks do remain, however, and the recovery, though slow, will depend on how households and businesses respond. The international environment will continue to weigh on sentiment, particularly those risks pertaining to the Eurozone.

Inflation forecast revised down

In the past couple of months inflation remained sustained but for the first time in a while the forecast has been revised down though it will still take the best part of two years to return to target. The slow return to target is expected as administered and registered prices are to remain elevated.

The improvement in the overall forecast was driven by expectations of external price pressure being lower and higher labour market participation dampening down domestic pay pressures.

All in all, the picture is somewhat more positive but the overall trends are not much changed. Inflation will continue to remain above target for some time and, while the economy will remain subdued, it will be growing. As we have mentioned in an earlier blog we want to see the government doing everything possible to support growth, by providing more certainty to business that they have a plan get the economy growing again and ensuring decisions, such as the upcoming spending review, do everything possible to support growth.


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