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If exports meant points in Eurovision – who would we be giving ours to when it comes to the Grand Final tomorrow? Let's have a look at the amount we exported to the Eurovision country finalists in 2012.

12 points – Germany – £32.56bn10 Points – Netherlands – £23.68bn8 points – France – £21.98bn7 points – Ireland – £16.91bn6 points – Belgium – £13.9bn5 points – Spain – £8.29bn4 points – Italy – £7.95bn3 points – Sweden – £5.59bn2 points – Russia – £5.52bn1 point – Norway – £3.64bn

No points for the remainder of countries in the finals I'm afraid – Denmark (£2.65bn), Finland (£1.51bn), Hungary (£1.07bn), Romania (£944m), Greece (£845m), Ukraine (£581m), Azerbaijan (£509m), Malta (£396m), Lithuania (£371m), Estonia (£281m), Iceland (£201m), Belarus (£123m), Georgia (£56m), Moldova (£41m), Armenia (£15m).

Good luck to all for tomorrow (go Bonnie)!

Source:HMRC uktradeinfo


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