Getting down to deregulation in Europe

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Regulation in Europe helps to level the playing field and is important for the functioning of the single market. But where to draw the line?

EEF's report Manufacturing: Our Future in Europe highlighted areas of European regulation that are the main sources of discontent within Europe and strongly recommended the need for the tide to turn with a concerted effort on deregulation across the region.

This very issue is likely to be hotly debated at the European Council meeting in the coming days. To support the UK's efforts to secure progress on the deregulation agenda in Europe EEF joined over one hundred business leaders settting out what the priorities must be:

  • To focus EU regulation on securing the competitiveness of European business
  • To put the COMPETE principles at the heart of EU policy-making
  • To make a strong commitment to identify where the burden of regulation can be reduced to allow businesses to generate growth

You can read the full letter here


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