ISO14001 Last chance to comment on the new standard?

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The latest draft of ISO14001:2015 is now available, and with it the last chance for our members to have any real influence on the new standard. The next deliverable from the ISO technical committee overseeing the revision will be the draft standard, and at this point there will only be limited scope for change.

The latest draft was developed in Bogota, Columbia, in response to the comments, including those from EEF members, received from around the world. The main changes to the standard are as follows:

  • Consider the internal and external context of the organisation in relation to the EMS
  • Identify stakeholders and determine their requirements
  • Consider environmental aspects in relation to your whole value chain, not just those related to on site activities
  • Top management to show leadership and commitment and to integrate the EMS into business processes
  • Consider the impacts of a changing environment on your business, not just the impacts of your business on the environment
  • Plan environmental communications including external communications relevant to its EMS

These changes will result in an EMS that will drive greater business value and help our members to future proof against a changing environment.

To hear more about the changes attend the EEF HSCE Member Briefings being held throughout November and across the country. For more information visit /page-not-found?page=Member Briefing HSCE.

If you would like a copy of Committee Draft 2 then please email Also if you would like to comment ont the latest draft please submit your comments by email.


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