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Manufacturers must show the next generation we Make It Britain

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63% of manufacturers think initiatives between schools and businesses will encourage more young people into manufacturing.

Building the link between schools and local industry is crucial if we are to inspire the next generation of workers into industries such as manufacturing.

Exposure to the real working world is vital, and for that reason manufacturers are engaging in a number of activities to encourage young people to consider a career in manufacturing.

Seven in ten manufacturers offer work experience to young people and over half go into speak in schools or invite schools to their sites.

A recent report commissioned by the Association of Colleges found that school children themselves are asking for more ‘Have-a-go' experiences. Manufacturers themselves are best placed to showcase the opportunities within the industry and teach young people about the skills-sets required for such a career.

We have blogged before on the need to myth-bust some of the barriers employers cite about engaging with schools (Health and Safety, insurance liabilities and CRB to name a few) but the common barrier that comes up, particularly amongst small businesses is difficulties making contacts with schools.

That's where platforms such as Inspiring the Future come into play and a fantastic job they do too. Inspiring the Future gives young people insights into different careers, bringing together employers and employees with local schools.

Employers and schools have asked for more tailored initiatives so they can showcase their industries and sectors and so Inspiring the Future is hosting a special week (30th June to 4th July) focusing on careers in design and manufacturing.

In celebrating great British manufacturing, the aim of the week is to encourage far more young people to explore careers in an industry which employs 2.6million people You only need to check out our most recent fact card to see just how much manufacturing contributes to our economy (and to find out that manufacturing has above average earnings!)

And manufacturing is all around – I wonder how many school children think about how manufacturing and engineering is behind the trains they travel in, the mobile phones they have, the shoes on their feet?

We must get the message out to young people that there are futures to be had in designing and making things, and this week provides the opportunity to do so,

Over 75% of state secondary schools have signed up to Inspiring the Future – so it's not short on schools. The platform also prides itself from an army of 14,000 volunteers from 4,000 companies. But it needs more manufacturers.

So a call to action for manufacturers please – if you want to inspire the next generation of workers, your future employees then step up and sign up to the Inspiring the Future's Design and Manufacturing Week. Let's show our young people how we Make it Britain!

More details here and check out the Design and Manufacturing week flyer.


Head of Education & Skills Policy

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