How did the Conservatives do at our #MakeitBritain bingo? #cpc14 | EEF

How did the Conservatives do at our #MakeitBritain bingo? #cpc14

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Just as with the Labour party conference last week, this week we tracked the speeches of George Osborne and David Cameron against our #MakeItBritain Party Conference bingo card.

The card is based on our Top 5 policy priorities for manufacturing.

The Conservatives covered the same areas as Labour did last week... but also missed the same areas.

Rebalancing is not complete
On the same day that David Cameron made his speech, the PMI for manufacturing hit a surprise 17 month low, indicating how fragile the recovery still is. While business investment is slowly picking up, exports are not where they need to be. A better balanced economy must be at the forefront of growth plans in the next Parliament.

Resource supply risks
Resources account for roughly 40% of the manufacturing sector's costs. That's not insignificant, security of supply is very important. Other countries have been more proactive in shielding their economies from supply risks, we need to do the same.

Earlier this week the ONS released data on productivity for the second quarter of this year showing that for the whole economy, productivity was 0.3% lower than a year earlier. As we said last week, without sustainable productivity growth, we can't have sustainable wage growth.

Energy costs
As with last week at the Labour party conference, there was no mention of energy costs for business, a hefty cost of operating in the UK for energy intensive manufacturers.

We would like to see a commitment to the implementation of the energy intensive industry (EII) compensation package, as announced in the 2014 Budget, a long term vision for EIIs within a low carbon economy.

Next week will be the turn of the Liberal Democrats at their conference - will they secure a #MakeItBritain full house? We'll be monitoring the speeches of Danny Alexander, Vince Cable and Nick Clegg to find out.


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