How did the Lib Dems do at our #MakeitBritain bingo? #ldconf | EEF

How did the Lib Dems do at our #MakeitBritain bingo? #ldconf

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Just as with the Labour and Conservative conference we tracked the main conference speeches at the Lib Dem conference against our #MakeItBritain party conference bingo card, which is based on our Top 5 priorities for manufacturing


All three parties scored the same, covering exactly the same priorities and missing exactly the same priorities.

All parties have remained focussed on the deficit, but seem to have moved away from discussing creating a better balanced economy. People in Britain want long-term plans for protecting and building upon the economic recovery to be centre stage during the election campaign. Almost eight in ten (79%) say this is important.

Yet, none of the parties mentioned the importance of rebalancing.

Resource security, we admit, was a longshot to be mentioned (although we did track for variations on each theme). Our economy is interconnected and what happens in one sector quickly has an impact in others.

A focus on resource security helps to support a better balanced economy by minimising material supply risks.

There was plenty of discussion at each party conference around finding ways to increase wages, however without sustainable productivity growth; we can't have sustainable wage growth. Productivity is also important for the UK's export performance, especially as other countries become more competitive. However, none of the parties focussed on productivity.

Finally, energy costs for consumers are always a hot topic. Previous party conferences saw pledges to take action in this area to reduce household bills. However there was no discussion of the cost of energy for businesses.

We would like to see a commitment to the implementation of the energy intensive industry (EII) compensation package, as announced in the 2014 Budget, a long term vision for EIIs within a low carbon economy.

While parties failed to mention these areas, they did however get 8 out of 12. This is a strong performance.

EEF has already started our engagement with parties in advance of the election and will seek to ensure these messages continue to be heard loud and clear.


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