How did Labour do at our #MakeitBritain bingo? #lab14 | EEF

How did Labour do at our #MakeitBritain bingo? #lab14

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We tracked the speeches of Ed Miliband, Chuka Umunna and Ed Balls against our #MakeitBritain Party Conference Bingo card.

The card is based on our Top 5 policy priorities for manufacturing.

The result from the Labour Conference is encouraging, with all three speakers mentioning the importance of staying in the EU and leading reform from within. There was also a strong focus on apprenticeships and exports.

Not a full house

However, there were still some gaps. There was no mention of rebalancing. Creating a better balanced economy is crucial. While growth has recently returned, progress on rebalancing toward exports and business investment is still patchy.

There was also no mention of resource security. Materials are the lifeblood of the manufacturing sector, accounting for approximately 40% of the sector's costs. Other countries have developed sophisticated strategies to shield their economies from current and future material supply risks that put ours in the shade.

No mention of productivity either. Without sustainable productivity growth, we can't have sustainable wage growth. Productivity is also important for the UK's export performance, especially as other countries become more competitive. In 2013 UK productivity decreased.

Finally, there was no mention of energy costs for business. Ed Miliband has pledged to take carbon out of electricity by 2030 but there was no mention of the energy price increases this will entail. We would like to see a commitment to the implementation of the energy intensive industry (EII) compensation package, as announced in the 2014 Budget, a long term vision for EIIs within a low carbon economy.

Next week, we'll be blogging about how the Conservatives do at their conference, by tracking the speeches of David Cameron and George Osborne.


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