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Trade stats - February 2015

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The latest trade statistics, for February 2015, have been published today by ONS.


Here's a snapshot of the data

Monthly position in February

  • Total trade deficit (goods and services) was £2.9bn in February 2015, compared with £1.5bn in January 2015
  • The goods deficit is at £10.3bn with the services surplus at £7.5bn
  • Exports of goods fell by £0.9bn to £23.2bn
  • The change reflects a fall in exports of goods to non-EU countries, particularly the US
  • At the commodity level, the main decreases were in the exports of miscellaneous manufactures, material manufactures and chemical manufactures


Three-monthly position

  • Total trade deficit fell to £6.5bn, down £0.4bn
  • The change was due to an increase in goods exported to non-EU countries and a decrease in goods imported from non-EU countries
  • A fall in exports of goods to the EU was also seen
  • The trade in goods deficit between the UK and countries within the EU reached a record high of £21.1bn, mainly reflecting a 5.6% fall in exports (particularly of oil)


Reading the official stats inevitably gets one thinking about what progress we have made with the export target. Read all about our latest thoughts on Lee's blog.


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