Why back manufacturing?

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With the General Election drawing closer, parties are battling it out on a range of key issues. We provide 10 reasons why any party sitting on Whitehall come 7th of May should support British manufacturing (and we have the data to prove it):

  1. Manufacturing is investment-intensive; in 2014, manufacturing invested 18% of its GVA and accounted for 15% of all business investment.
  2. Manufacturing is innovation-intensive; in 2014, manufacturing accounted for 69% of all business enterprise spending on R&D. 
  3. Manufacturing is export-intensive; in 2014, manufacturing accounted for almost 50% of all UK exports.
  4. Manufacturing is more productive; since 2008, productivity in manufacturing has increased by almost 6% compared to -0.7% for the economy as a whole.
  5. Manufacturing pays higher wages than the national average; in 2014, average weekly pay in the manufacturing sector was 17% higher than the whole economy average.
  6. Manufacturing is creating high-skilled jobs; manufacturing needs 750,000 science, technology and engineering professionals to replace those leaving the industry by 2020.
  7. Manufacturing supports young people; 66% of manufacturers plan to recruit an engineering apprentice in the next 12 months.
  8. Manufacturing supports growth accross UK regions; 82% of manufacturing output is produced outside of London and the Southeast.
  9. Manufacturing is going green; two thirds of companies are investing in energy efficiency.
  10. We love manufacturing; 85% of the public want a strong manufacturing sector and more ‘made in Britain’ products.


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