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Have you seen our factcard?

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Manufacturing facts and figures - a must read

When people utter the dreaded “we don’t make anything in the UK anymore”, I like to calmly produce a copy of our factcard and leave them for a minute or two to peruse the facts so they can get right up-to-date on UK manufacturing. Then I hit them with a surprise quiz.

Just in case you missed it on twitter this week (and so you're ready in case I'm lurking with my quiz), we published our new 2015 factcard on Monday, in association with Santander, and it’s packed full of must-know information about the UK manufacturing sector.

Want to know the UK’s top ten goods export markets? It’s in the factcard
Want to know average pay in the sector? It’s in the factcard
Want to know how many people are employed in manufacturing in the West Midlands? It’s in the factcard

Enjoy your weekend reading!





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