Manufacturing around the UK

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EEF launched a new publication - Regional  Manufacturing Outlook -  this week looking at the composition and performance of manufacturing across the different regions in the UK. The report compares key metrics from our Business Trends Survey on business confidence, output, employment and investment patterns and combines these with official data on the sectoral make up of industry across the UK.


What's where?

Different industry clusters are clearly evident across different parts of the country and the economic drivers and challenges to growth across these clusters explain – to a large degree – the different trends in business sentiment, output and employment levels.

Here's what the geography of manufacturing looks like across the UK, with the three biggest sectors, in terms of their value added contribution, in each region.



The state of the nation

Over the last four quarters, manufacturers in all regions of the UK have reported positive sentiment about their business prospects for the year ahead. However, there has been some regional variation, mainly driven by differences in sectors. Regions with a concentration of manufacturers in the oil and gas supply chain have been facing some headwinds, while regions with a strong presence in the transport and consumer-facing sectors have been faring well.

The map below shows how these factors are affecting confidence levels in different parts of the country.



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