Talkin' bout Partnerships with Education

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People try to put manufacturing down….

Dirty, greasy, everyone wearing overalls and working on production lines making widgets. These are some general, fairly common (mis)perceptions people, particularly young people, have about manufacturing and engineering.

Not quite correct or in fact far from correct. UK manufacturers make racing cars, jets, spacecrafts and the 2012 Olympic torch, they are exciting, vibrant and well….excellent places to work!

What really happens when I get around….

I visit companies that manufacturer very high-end handbags, missiles, wind turbines…the list goes on. If young people could only see what I see from manufacturing and engineering companies I am more than convinced we could get more young people considering our sector as a career pathway.

Engaging with the next generation….

That’s why engaging with schools, colleges and universities is an important, if not essential task for manufacturers to do.

One in five manufacturers tell us that they find it difficult to engage with schools – in many cases because they don’t have the right contacts and these barriers need to be addressed. What there are also four in five that do successfully engage with schools, colleges and universities, and they do so in a number of ways.

One manufacturer told me that young people are the ‘lifeblood’ of their business. That’s why manufacturers work hard to encourage young people into their industry, whether through work experience, site visits or careers days.

Talkin’ bout partnerships with education….

To celebrate the fantastic work manufacturers do this year’s EEF Awards includes what I will just put out there and say is my favourite award ‘Partnership with Education.’ I read each and every Partnership with Education Award entry and its fascinating reading about how companies, large and small are investing in the next generation of engineers.

Today’s blog is just a gentle reminder of how manufacturers engage with education providers and a nudge to those that do so to enter our Awards and showcase the brilliant work you do.




 If you have a fantastic story to tell about how your company engages with schools, colleges, universities, University Technical Colleges, Studio Schools or other education providers, then enter our Awards here today.


Head of Education & Skills Policy

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