Ten charts about manufacturing the Chancellor needs to see before the #SummerBudget

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Data released yesterday showed that – although manufacturing output had grown over the year – it fell by 0.6% in May compared with April.

While this is strongly linked to weakness in the oil and gas industry, weakness in key export markets is also proving a challenge. This blog presents ten charts on what’s happening in the manufacturing industry right now: the actions manufacturers are taking to grow their businesses, and what’s holding them back.

#1 Challenges facing oil and gas industry have hit manufacturing sectors in their supply chain


#2 Export demand also flat


#3 Export growth has been nearly stagnant since 2011

Exports (value, £mn)
Source: ONS, 2014

#4 Manufacturers will continue to grow recruitment and investment albeit at a slower pace


#5 The manufacturing sector is a key driver of productivity


#6 Capital equipment, skills and innovation are all key for productivity


#7 Road network in need of sustained investment


#8 Jobs in manufacturing have grown for the longest sustained period since the nineties


#9 Manufacturers already invest heavily in high quality apprenticeships

Qu: How does your company current fund its apprenticeship programmes?


Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012

#10 With jobs growth comes skills shortages

In what areas of your business has your company experienced skills shortages?


Source: EEF Skills Survey 2012


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