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How to help voters through the blizzard of EU data

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Amid the blizzard of pro and anti EU reports being churned out by organisations (including our own) you cannot but sympathise with the plight of voters in whose hands the future of our country rests, especially those yet to make up their minds about our future in Europe.

A respected German think tank, the IW, has sought to make sense of the many reports published in recent months which seek to predict the outcome of a potential Brexit on the UK economy.

In its meta analysis which is published in Brussels today (April 13), which can be found here, the IW predicts Britain will face a tough exit negotiation and can expect a big economic hit to boot. EEF’s Chief Executive Terry Scuoler, who is speaking at the report’s launch, says that the British people are being “assailed by a blizzard of often contradictory information” and he welcomes the serious analysis of the analysis provided by IW. More significantly he warns there could be a major downturn in foreign investment in the UK following a decision to leave the EU – something which is inextricably linked to jobs. You can read his speech here.

No doubt it will attract claims that it is all part of the so-called Project Fear campaign. For manufacturers it’s nothing of the sort. It’s about project economic reality.



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