Productivity in processes

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Productivity improvement within business processes is often the only ‘P’ (of the 4 Ps of productivity we’ve mentioned in our blogs) that manufacturers have already addressed. Over the past decade, manufacturers have increasingly applied the principles of Lean and Six Sigma to streamlining their production line and continuously improving. Here, technology also has a part to play in automating work processes which take away opportunities for human error and latency, as well as identifying issues on the manufacturing floor before they occur.

Workflow automation

As we mentioned in our blog on ‘Productivity in people’, technology can allow managers to receive real-time tasks for approval on any device (from phone to iPad to laptop) and sign off instantaneously. Technology can fully automate internal processes by removing manual steps and applying agreed-upon workflow rules for each step in the process. This has helped take manufacturing into a world where real time and automated decision making improves efficiency and productivity throughout the production process.

“With Infor Ming.le™, each user will be just one click away from someone else’s environment. That’s powerful. We can make that work really well for our customer satisfaction around the world.” Enrico Pana Global IT Manager, Dab Pumps

Case study: Dab Pumps

Dab Pumps, a manufacturer of centrifugal pumps with a $370-million revenue stream, implemented a two-tier ERP strategy to enable the profitable shift from a make-to-stock to a make-to-order and engineer-to-order strategy as well as an IT solution that would enable rapid expansion into developing markets, such as China.


Infor worked with Dab Pumps to roll out an 11-country implementation using its latest technologies and the new system has helped eliminate bottlenecks and manual process, leading to a 20% reduction in average order fulfilment time.


To hear more about technology’s potential for boosting productivity, attend the EEF National Manufacturing Conference in London on 24 February 2016.


Vice President of Solution Consulting for Europe, Infor

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