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The UK's future in the EU - the argument for 'out'

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At the National Manufacturing Conference 2016, Matthew Elliott, Chief Executive at Vote Leave, and Damian Green MP, Conservative European Mainstream Group, will debate whether the UK should stay in or leave the EU. Here is a preview of their discussion.

The impact on the economy will be a central focus of the referendum debate. I believe that businesses - from manufacturers to financial services - will thrive outside the EU.

The UK has no control over trade negotiations with countries outside the European Union. The EU has spent years trying to complete trade discussions with India and the US. Meanwhile, Switzerland and Iceland - who are outside the EU - have signed free trade agreements with China

UK firms which don’t export still have to comply with reams of regulation from Brussels. Only 5% of UK businesses export to the EU, yet 100% have to adhere to burdensome rules which drive up costs and reduce productivity.

If we leave the EU, we can take back control of our trade agreements and negotiate terms that suit the needs of British business. Our politicians will become more accountable and can formulate policies which support business, enterprise and entrepreneurship.


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