5 reasons why we want to see engineer Andrew crowned #GBBO champion!

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Today, we are going public and declaring that we want to see engineer Andrew crowned the 2016 Great British Bake Off Champion. And here are 5 reasons why...

1. He is the celebrity we’ve been waiting for to inspire the next generation of engineers

 64% of manufacturers say they struggle to recruit simply because they don’t have enough applicants. As an industry, we have a major image problem and young people don’t always consider manufacturing and engineering as a career pathway. The likes of Brian Cox have gone some way to promoting science, but we were on the hunt for someone with that extra special engineering edge …and we’ve found that in Andrew. Up and down the country young people aren’t just inspiring to bake like Andrew, they are now thinking (and no doubt Googling) what it takes to become an aerospace engineer.


Image via Belfast Telegraph


2. He makes pies rotate. Now that is engineering!


I love a pie. Pie Day Fridays are actually a “thing” in our office (I say thing, we’ve done it once but it was a smashing day). So imagine all of our excitement when Andrew not only made a pork pie with chicken and apricots (yum) but then made them rotate, in a cog-spectacular.  This is pie engineering at its best. Demonstrating his knowledge of gear ratio and output speed.

He demonstrated so many principles of engineering – from the design, analysis of the system, the manufacture and not forgetting its operation (when host Sue Perkins asked him if she could turn it…he, in a very diplomatic way, said no.)


Image via Digital Spy

And his manufacturing prowess doesn’t stop there. Another manufacturing process highlight was during Tudor week, when Andrew designed his own moulds and then made castings of marzipan horses for his showstopper. And wait there’s more…..

3. He has demonstrated other engineering disciplines – namely Civil Engineering when he constructed his gingerbread-Cambridge-punting scene

 Andrew is an aerospace engineer, which is impressive in itself. But he has showcased a multitude of skills from various engineering disciplines. This include the civil engineering that took place in biscuit week when Andrew constructed his gingerbread-Cambridge-punting scene. Impressive stuff.


Image via BT TV

But it doesn’t stop there. We talk a lot about the need for STEM skills and clearly Andrew has these. His scientific know-how about what makes a good prove to create delicious-looking chocolate barmbrack, his engineering skills are second to none (see point 2) his maths skills have meant that he has prestige precision (see point 4). But he’s also got that sometimes added “Arts” into the mix when decorating his bakes – whether it’s knights with their jousting sticks, carefully crafted bee biscuits or a picturesque floral showstopper in botanicals week.

He’s not just mastered the STEM skills, he’s mastered the STEAM skills – and that’s exactly what he needed to create the mysterious Dampfnudel!


4. His precision engineering has secured some consistent bakes

 Engineering is all about precision, and it is clear Andrew brings his engineering techniques into the Bake Off tent – may I remind you of how precisely he measured his butter when making his pastry?

This precision, together with his problem solving skills (another classic skill set of engineers), has meant that he has triumphed on many occasions in the technical challenges.

 Andrew Precision

Image via Press Association 

And of course he isn’t the kind of baker who just rocks up without practising his bakes. Oh no, he practises them first at home to make sure his timings are right. And why wouldn’t he? As an engineer, developing prototypes is a standard part of the process to developing new products in manufacturing and engineering. 

5. When he’s not testing the performance of jet engines, he’s making mousse desserts on a ferris wheel.


 Image via BBC News

Enough said.


So come on #TeamAndrew! We (and the wider engineering community) are all rooting for you!






Head of Education & Skills Policy

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