A list of Sector Deals being developed

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The industrial strategy green paper sets out Sector Deals as a new concept.

Under this approach, instead of government researching and prioritising sectors (and being accused of 'picking winners'), sectors instead are asked to come together themselves and set out their ambition to win on their own terms.

There is scope for good sector Deals to make a significant difference in the fortunes of UK businesses and the wider economy. However, to ensure this, the Government needs to provide clarity on the Sector Deals process to enable businesses to engage.

Our policy paper set out what is required in guidance from government and includes some initial steps that sectors themselves should be taking in preparation for a Deal.

EEF has previously brought together representatives from across manufacturing and engineering to share views, lessons and insights for those looking to develop a Deal.

Below is a list of all the Sector Deals we are aware of that are currently being developed. If you’d like to add your Sector Deal to the list then get in touch through research@eef.org.uk


Head of Business Environment Policy

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